Suggested Christmahanukkwanzaa  Multicultural Lessons/Activities

  • Students create CD covers for Happy Christmahanukkwanzaa!

  • Students write and/or present to class about their families’ faith, ethnicity, and/or holiday celebrations

  • Students create posters about their family holiday customs

  • Students create posters about another culture’s holiday customs and beliefs

  • Cultural sharing: Students bring food and/or items from their families’ holiday celebrations (e.g. menorah, dradles, ornaments,

  • Students learn and sing songs from other cultures’ holiday celebrations

  • Students share games, toys and activities from their family’s holiday celebration

  • Have class discussions and groups about diversity. Discuss tolerance and enthusiasm toward other cultures

  • Discuss cultural attitudes toward each other

  • Students make a list of people they know who celebrate other holidays

  • Students inventory each other to find out about each other’s culture (tea party)

  • Buddy share: Students report out on other students—introduce them—to class

  • Students inventory celebrities and famous people who celebrate various holidays: Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Other

Let people of good heart take up the torch,
and celebrate Christmahanukkwanzaa.
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